Access Control (COVID-19)

The year 2020 has transformed what access control looks like. You have had to embark on significant changes in how you do your job, what is needed to be done, and the tools you have at your disposal. We know this and have solutions to help. 

We have developed products that manage digital identity authentication and verification, but also take into account the need for health awareness through body temperature measuring devices.  You are doing your part in all manner of locations, and we are equipping you to feel comfortable that you are getting the right information without delay. 

Speed & accuracy

Reduce the chance for human error and prevent time delays

body temperature

Easily and confidently check for body temperature


Tools to help you safely do your job from anywhere


Devices that go where you need it and fast

Safe and Secure...

Being able to perform facial recognition through a mask, and do temperature checks in day-to-day places wasn’t considered to be an everyday event in the past. For many of you this, this is now the case. Our products help you stay safe and give you the security that the information you obtain is accurate. Home and Abroad

From airports to amusement parks, and office buildings to restaurants, COVID-19 has impacted how we interact with each other. Although we are practicing a 6ft distance in many places, we want to ensure that our mobile thermoface devices will help you do your job and perform authentication and verification quickly, easily and accurately no matter where you are. 


ThermoFACE 5


ThermoFACE 8


Cham 5 L-T