Border Control

Whether you are protecting a land border crossing, airport or seaport, you need devices that you know will provide quick, easy, reliable digital identity data. 

The devices we have created for you are the ideal tools to help complete digital identity authentication and verification whether you are indoors at a counter or outdoors at a port or distant border crossing.

Speed & accuracy

Reduce the chance for human error and prevent time delays


Access to worldwide databases at your fingertips


Tools to help you safely do your job from anywhere


Know that your devices can handle harsh climates

From Airport lines...

Keep the flow of people moving well with the right digital identity authentication and verification tools. Remove the worry of human error with biometric authentication devices that give you access to worldwide databases to rapidly verify passports and citizen identity cards. the Outdoors

Without the convenience that a stationary building gives, experience peace of mind knowing that you can do your border duty easily with our durable devices. Take our tablets and kits with you into the harshest terrain and still be connected to the digital verification information you need. 


Cham 5R Single

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5R Dual

Biometric Handheld

Cham 8 Slap+

Biometric Tablet

Cham D

Rugged Laptop


Biometric Kit