With the added features of both a high-speed thermal printer and MRZ scanner (ePassport Reader) capabilities, this rugged 5” handheld device offers the best of the Cham 5 with the ability to print and scan documents. Capture data and biometrics on this multi-modal device with single fingerprint sensor, facial recognition, and voice capture and recognition.


FAP 20/30/45







Accurately reads all ePassports and identity documents using an MRZ scanner. In addition, supports ICAO 9303 and ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2 and 3-line MRZ), ISO/IEC 18013-1 driving licenses (1-line MRZ) with accurate document detection

Contactless Card Reader

Quick and accurate, this contactless card reader has multiple RFID smart card and NFC support inside. Also, works with all major ISO14443A/B, MIFARE cards


This mobile device has the impressive added feature of a 2” (58mm) high-speed thermal printer


With a 5” capacitive IPS LCD touch screen, color HD, this scratch resistant and sunlight readable display is durable and reliable. Includes a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels

Built-In Single Fingerprint Scanner

Have the ability to complete rapid fingerprint capture with durable optical certified fingerprint sensor. Has 500 PPI resolution, and is FBI Mobile ID FAP20 Certified. STQC, ISO19794-2, ANSI-378, and WSQ standard certified.


Spare Battery

Official Chameleon rechargeable lithium-ion polymer 7100mAH / 3.85V smart battery. Approx. 9 hours regular use operating time (when fully charged)

Hard Shell Carry Case

Custom EVA hard shell carry case for device & power adaptor.S oft internal padding and zipper. Durable, portable, dustproof, and water resistant. Includes hand carry strap and shoulder strap

Technical Specifications