FAP 60


Sign Pad


Doc Scanner


IRIS (Optional)

Play Video

Powerful + Compact

This biometric kit combines a selection from the suite of Chameleon products to ensure you have everything you need regardless of what environment you are in. With 14" laptop, fingerprinting (FAP 60), LED camera, document scanner, printer, RFID, signature pad and IRIS (optional) you can manage all your registration and verification needs.

Rugged + User Friendly

In a durable, hard case each kit is drop-test guaranteed (up to 1.2 meters), rated IP67, and has an impressive operating battery time of 12 hours from a single charge. Plus, all the things you need on the go - Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G and of course, designed and build with you, our user in mind.


Solar Panel

Compact, reliable and tested

Photo Backdrop

Suitable for outdoor conditions

Rugged Backpack

Pick up and go - durable and custom designed for our kits.

Standard Backpack

Well-fitted and supportive, carry the kit wherever you need