Easy to use and ready for any environment, our rugged, flexible registration station takes you from desktop to laptop, and indoor to outdoor. It is even embedded with a GNSS module to pinpoint, identity, and record the address location of voters. The perfect registration and verification tool to have.

Twist Display

2 x 8MP

8 hours+


Hand Strap

Play Video


10.1” Flat Panel and 10-Point Capacitive Touch Screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 Pixels (RGB). Backlight at a minimum of 550 cd/m2 and is readable under all light conditions (including sunlight). Plus, scratch resistant tough glass.

Front and Back Camera

Access to both front and back cameras that both have 8MP Auto Focus with LED Light

Long Battery Life

Very long battery life from removable, rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer 7.6V 13000mAH / 98.8Wh Battery. Has an 8+ Hour continuous operating time (on a single charge) and with a self life of 3 years.

Easy Rotation

To give you flexibility with your work station, the Chameleon V has easy joint rotation to move the display from far left to far right


Accurate to within 5M, uses GNSS Module with Integrated antenna, optimal GLONASS and GPS Communication. Also is NMEA output standard.


Carry Strap

Custom rugged carry strap that is made of nylon and has quick release pins for easy attachment to the ChamV device

Battery Charger

Standalone portable multiple battery charger station that is capable of charting 5 x batteries at the same time. Also, with independent LED charging status indicators

Spare Battery

Official Chameleon V batteries available

Wearing Strap

Custom nylon adjustable shoulder strap with soft shoulder pads and metal end clips

Hand Strap

Custom high quality durable clip-on hand strap


Details & Dimensions

Technical Specifications