Civil Identity

With the global shift for people to go digital, civil identity is impacting every area of life. If you are authenticating individuals in a small town or working with massive numbers of individuals with identity needs daily in a big city, you need to be able to do so quickly, easily and with confidence.  

Our products have been inspired by the work that you do and how you do it. We want to ensure that your efforts in the digital identity space are supported by the resources at hand – whether you are indoors or outdoors, stationary or mobile.  


Bring civil identity services directly to people anywhere


Quickly confirm identity against national databases


Confirm the validity of identity documents with ease

time saved

More people in less time means impacting more lives

ID Authentication to...

You are at the front line of ensuring digital identity is authenticated for each person you meet. With the right devices you can increase accuracy with biometric authentication, reduce chances of human error, and have access to the international databases you need to do your job without worry. 

...Document Verification

Citizen identity cards and passports enable a world of possibilities for an individual. Being able to verify the authenticity of these documents wherever you is vital to ensuring the right services and access are available to people. Go from a desktop at a government office to a table in the middle of the desert and know your tools are reliable.


Cham 5R Single

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5R Dual

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X BB

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X P

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X PM

Biometric Handheld


Biometric Handheld

Cham D

Desktop Workstation

IRIS & Face

Cham K Flagship

Biometric Kit

Cham K A4 Print

Biometric Kit