Elections and Voting

From county level to larger national elections, being able to cast your vote matters. For elections officials like you, each election requires a diligent approach to ensure that there is accuracy, no time delays, authentication, and verification of voters.

To make sure no one is missed, we have mobile options that allow for you to be on the move to help each eligible voter can be registered.


Ensuring that all captured data is protected


Confirmation of digital identity on the go

Time Saved

Being able to authenticate from wherever you are


Ensuring the data is right and reducing human error

From the Office...

In Managing the operation of a vote takes patience and diligence. Our user friendly devices will help make your days a little less long with their accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. 

...to Mobile Office

When you find yourself outside of the traditional office setting, you can adjust from desktop to tablet, and have the most rugged laptops in the industry available. Verify and register voters on the go.


Cham 5L

Biometric Handheld

Cham D

Biometric Desktop

Cham H

Rugged Laptop

Cham K Mini 11

Biometric Kit

Cham K Mini Tablet

Biometric Kit