Financial Services

You know better than anyone that the world of banking and financial services has changed. No longer only in a bricks and mortar location, it is on the move. 

For individuals like you that are bringing these services to the far reaches of the world, we provide you with the reliable, secure, accurate devices to ensure authentication and verification without worry.


Bring financial services to people everywhere


Access to worldwide databases at your fingertips


Tools to help you safely do your job from anywhere


Confirm the validity of identity documents with ease

Connect People...

You are the forefront of bringing accessiibility to financial services to the people everywhere. Whether it is the convenience needed because of pandemics like COVI-19, or the need to reduce distance and barriers for people – you are doing this. 

...and Services

Verifying documents, biometrically authenticating identity helps to ensure the safety and security of the industry and all of us who are a part of it. Our devices bring ease to the mobility, and are secure and dependable no matter where you are


Cham 5X BB

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X P

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X PM

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5X PBC

Biometric Handheld

Cham D

Rugged Laptop


Biometric Tablet