Biometric Voter Registration

GHANA 2020

A project involving strategy, agility, collaboration, innovation, and spirit​

Country Overview

With a population of 30.4M people across a land mass of 238,537 sq km Ghana has a diverse and rich resource base, including the manufacturing and exportation of digital tech goods, automotive and ship construction and exportation, and exportation of hydrocarbons and industrial minerals. This gives Ghana one of the highest GDP per capita in West Africa. December 7, 2020 was the day of the parliamentary national elections and to prepare, the Electoral Commission of Ghana implemented a new voter registration solution to ensure the accuracy of citizen’s information (no duplications), reduce fraud and deliver a secure voters Registration Roll. 

Ghana 2020

Project Overview

8,500 biometric enrolment stations  and 76, 000 Chameleon 5L Biometric Handhelds were deployed to ensure that 17 Million voters across Ghana could be registered for the national vote. This included a completely redesigned strategy to approach training to ensure that every technician would feel completely comfortable with the hardware solution. This involved the development of videos shared through designated What’s App support groups and a single 40-technician training with people from across Ghana. This training resulted in an astonishing 96% comprehension skills assessment score.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in wide spread global product delivery delays and closures, the Chameleon team (Powered by Laxton) was on the ground in Ghana and delivered in an incredible 10-week turnaround. The success of the project involved collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Ghana, our partner Thales, and reimagining supply chain and freight solutions. Plus, it required additional adjustments of our agile team to be made by our team to ensure safety procedures were set during operation.

17 Million voters registered

Expectations were exceeded from the orignal estimation of 15 million

8,500 Enrolment Stations + 76,000 Biometric cham 5L in 10 weeks

We are proud to say that on December 7, 2020 the National Election happened in Ghana as a direct result of the registration of voters using our kits and devices. And thanks to the incredible collaboration with the Electoral Commission of Ghana to ensure there were no delays

80,000 Operators across ghana

Our mobile biometric enrolment kits were deployed to stations all around Ghana. Each operator was trained with custom videos and info

Fingerprint + Facial biometric voter registration

Secure identity verification of citizens reduced chance of duplication

Key Components of Our Successful Solution


Working together with the Electoral Commission of Ghana and strategic partners to obtain materials, access and support 

the team

Determined, agile, innovative, solutions-based and spirited. Working together regardless of many challenges faced daily 

our kits + devices

Adaptable, secure, mobile biometric devices  designed to ensure the people of Ghana were confident using them. 


Our core team