Law Enforcement

For individuals in the frontlines of law enforcement safety, security, accuracy and reliability are not an option. 

Our devices were designed and produced for you. They will ensure you get the level of authentication you need when you are on the move. 


Easily confirm identity against national database


Results on the spot that are dependable and reliable

time saved

Less time spent booking at the station


Able to travel in vehicles, forensic scenes, anywhere

From Traffic Stop to...

Safety and security matters for everyone involved. Experience quick, reliable, contact free and easy digital authentication from wherever you are. Handhelds and tablets that bring the database to you so you can spend more time in the field and less time traveling to do paperwork.

...Being at the Scene

Arriving at a forensic scene can bring unpredictable environments. Relying on your tools is vital. Whether you are recording or gathering evidence, know your authentication laptops and kits are rugged, reliable, and will keep you connected to send findings from anywhere you need to.


Cham 5R Single

Biometric Handheld

Cham 5R Dual

Biometric Handheld

Cham 8 Dual

Biometric Tablet

Cham 8 Slap

Biometric Tablet

Cham V

Rugged Laptop


Biometric Kit